Across our facilities and corporate offices, digitalization simplifies production and management operations to ensure they run accurately, efficiently and with substantial reduction to human effort. M&J are proud pioneers utilising cutting-edge digital solutions and management applications pushing Bangladeshi manufacturing towards 4IR today.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP)

Our ERP system, customised for the apparel manufacturing industry, combined with a tech-savvy culture and in-house development capabilities, creates a powerful synergy. It enhances efficiency, collaboration, and adaptability, all of which are essential for staying competitive in the dynamic and fast-paced environment of apparel manufacturing. By harnessing technology and fostering a culture of innovation, our organisation can thrive in this ever-evolving industry.

  • F&A
  • HRM
  • Engineering
  • Warehouse
  • Procurement
  • Commercial
  • Inspection
  • Production
  • Merchandising
  • Product development
Real-time data tracking system (Fast track)

Our inhouse data tracking system visualizes accurate, real-time production information that help us proactively increase efficiency and product quality.

Start to Measure

Start to Measure is a cutting-edge technology conceived by M&J Group, the first that produces certifiable data on the amount of resources used in the garments finishing process: an essential starting point for all the brands wishing to decrease their environmental impact by reducing waste in one of the steps that affects consumptions the most. Everything is metered here integrated with all the process machines, Building Management Software, Netwash Software & Chemical Dosing System.

Host2Host Banking & digital payment system

Host2Host Banking allows for direct, paperless transactions for time-saving secure banking.

  • No manual intervention
  • Fully-automated system
  • High-level security standards
  • Reduction in paper work
  • Trackable payments
  • Fast payments with sound accuracy

M&J Group has pioneered in Digital Payment Systems all over the RMG Sector in Bangladesh since 2015. Also, all of our workers have been getting their salaries through Mobile banking.

Self Service APP

Our inhouse developed self-service mobile app helps our employees manage their hours, payslips and passes among other features.

oracle business intelligence
  • Interactive dashboards and visualizations
  • Proactive intelligence and alerts
  • Enterprise reporting and publishing
Building Management System (BMS)

Our Building Management System tracks every unit of gas, electricity and water used in our production facilities for proactive maintenance and data analysis of our energy and utility consumption.

  • Tracks energy and utility consumption and efficiency
  • Proactive maintenance
  • Intelligent Data analytics
  • Alarm Generation
Management Software
  • 3-D virtual sample making software
  • Performance management software
  • Document management software
  • Support ticket management software
  • Fair price shop management software
  • RFID based production management software
  • RFID based smart warehouse