M&J (HK)


M&J (HK) Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of M&J Group, has been operating successfully in Hong Kong since October 1, 2022. It aligns with M&J's goal of revenue diversification and expansion into foreign markets. The establishment in Hong Kong facilitates procurement, business generation, and promotion. It also grants access to non-traditional markets, addresses buyer base contractions, provides access to smaller volume suppliers, international trade shows, and enhances negotiation power. Additionally, it helps mitigate export disputes and establishes a stronger legal and regulatory presence.


In keeping with CGL's goal of diversifying revenue sources and expanding into foreign markets, the company will ensure procurement, business generation, and promotion in Hong Kong through this establishment. Also, the group will get benefits in accessing buyers in the non-traditional markets; mitigation of emerging contraction in buyer base; access to suppliers for import of smaller volume; access to international trade shows and fairs; better negotiation and bargaining power with the supplier; mitigation of export disputes; and better legal and regulatory foothold.


M&J (HK) Limited
+880 9610 101010
Unit 1521, 15/F., Star House, 3 Salisbury Road,
Tsimshatsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong